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biztweetTIC’s flagship product is the IATA award winning software, BizTweet. BizTweet is a social decision software that uses Twitter and Facebook to increase a corporation’s ability to communicate automatically with their customers, substantially reducing the manpower required, and freeing up staff to concentrate on providing a more individual social media experience for the customer. In addition, BizTweet enhances customer service by providing a service that they immediately see as different from other competitors by being customised to them as individuals and personalized to their known profile.

Currently, corporations manually craft replies to customers or simply ignore their customer. There is no scalable solution that enables companies make complex, high-volume social communication decisions. This is an on-going problem for many large organisations who have no choice but to employ more staff to keep up with the demand.

BizTweet provides corporations with the ability to segment their customer base depending on their customer’s data. Once segmented into niche groups, pre-configured messages are defined which are sent to customers in real-time.